“All My Darlings” is the product of years of scholarship and research, which has resulted in a remarkable social historical archive. This can now be found in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, but we also want to make as much  as possible available online as a free resource for historians and enthusiasts alike.

Below, you are able to see a full list of materials in the archive, all the transcribed letters (grouped by date), and various other transcribed documents.

The documents engage with a wide range of subjects from national and international politics to arts and culture, gender roles, mental health and religious schisms. We hope these  assets will be illuminating for anyone with an interest in the Victorian era.

Documents on this website may be reproduced with written permission from the author. Likewise, Patricia is happy to try to answer any specific enquiries, time permitting.  

Download documents in PDF format by clicking the links below:

  1. List of miscellaneous papers and documents forming part of the Macirone archive.
  2. List of large journals and scrapbooks forming part of the Macirone archive.
  3. List of informal journals, diaries, notebooks and scrapbooks forming part of the Macirone archive. 
  4. Chronology of the Macirone family.
  5. Clara Macirone (diaries and documents).
  6. Transcribed letters 1844-1846.